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In this blog, you’ll find an eclectic mix of posts that match my varied interests related to music education, music technology, and performing. I’m always finding out new tricks or discovering interesting things – sometimes I just have to share them! – BH

Conducting - 2020
Conducting – 2020
2015 NJ TI:ME Expo Presentation
2015 NJ TI:ME Expo
2016 NAfME Eastern Division Conference Session
2016 NAfME Eastern Division Conference Session – Makey Makey Music

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Quick Youtube Playlist

How to create a user-generated Youtube Playlist using Google Forms As a teacher, One of the things that I like to do is have students submit Youtube videos for various assignments. Sometimes, after they’ve submitted the links I like to add them all to a playlist so they can see each other’s submissions. The problem…

Getting Creative with Airtable

In my first post about Airtable, I introduced you to some of the basics. Here I will give some ideas on ways to incorporate Airtable into your ensemble program that goes beyond just sorting your information. Organize ALL of your data In my first post, I mentioned that we keep just about everything in the…

Tech Toolbox: Notation Software

Tech Toolbox is my series of posts on what I feel are the essential tools that every music educator should have at their disposal to both create music and materials that support and engage their students. Notation Software As with any of the tools that I talk about in this series, I am not advocating…

Airtable – Part 1

Getting to Know Airtable If you haven’t read my first post about Databases, I suggest checking out Spreadsheets vs. Databases – Up Your Data Management Game. If you’re not familiar with databases instead of spreadsheets, that post is a great place to start. In this post, I want to introduce you to my favorite database…

Learn Your Shortcuts! – A Series

Ok, so, one of my biggest suggestions to anyone using any kind of technology is to LEARN YOUR KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS! While it may not seem like much to save half a second or two instead of moving the mouse through some menus, these fractions of time can add up! And you have a precious few…

Digital Rehearsal Agenda

For anyone who has ever sat in a band rehearsal, you have probably gone through the routine of setting up and checking the board for the rehearsal order. Or maybe it’s been slightly updated and you’re checking your email beforehand at your community band rehearsal like I do. For those school band directors who are…

Spreadsheets vs. Databases – Up Your Data Management Game

So I’m going to share one of my favorite time-saving methods here – Databases. I have to thank a former supervisor of mine for changing my approach to data management – thanks JP! His words in that department meeting long ago still ring true in my ears to this day – “IF YOU ARE USING…


Welcome to my blog! This project has evolved out of my love for talking about things related to music education, my passion for technologies, and a general desire to share the things I figure out. In the music education world we tend to share what we know pretty freely with others, and my path has…

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