Welcome to my blog! This project has evolved out of my love for talking about things related to music education, my passion for technologies, and a general desire to share the things I figure out. In the music education world we tend to share what we know pretty freely with others, and my path has led me to blogging about it on the internet for all to read – like you!

This project really got kick started while working on my second master’s degree online. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting some sort of site/blog/channel/something like this for a while, and when as part of a class we had to establish an online presence this became the obvious place for me to start.

My interests related to music are pretty varied and this blog will no doubt reflect that. You will find some posts about being a band director, some post about music technology, and maybe some about lesson plans. Mostly my goal is to continue sharing what I know and helping people the way I’ve done with friends and colleagues.

Thanks for reading this far. Please subscribe, come back often, share your thoughts and ideas of things you’d like to see my rant about. I’m excited for where this new project may lead.


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